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To begin with,I built this website after I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my Saviour.  I was guided by the Spirit to build this website and the aim is to spread the Word of GOD to as many people as possible. I did not receive any training or have any knowledge to build websites, all the knowledge to build this website came from GOD through the Spirit, all praise to Him.

I was born, raised and went to school in Lichtenburg, North West Province South Africa. I’m the youngest of four children, myself, two sisters and a brother. I was raised in a Christian home, my dad was a motor mechanic and my mother a housewife. When I passed matric, I started work at Agricultural Technical Services in Pretoria, and worked there for three years. During the three years at Agricultural Technical Services, I completed one year compulsory military service. While I worked in Pretoria, North West Co-op LTD offered me a job, which I accepted. During my time with North West Co-op LTD, I worked in three departments, transport-, credit- and fertilizer departments.

I’m married to a lady I met in Lichtenburg and GOD blessed us with a beautiful, exemplary, intelligent and hardworking daughter.

My life changed drastically one afternoon when I again had to much alcohol and lost consciousness. When I woke up the next morning, I realized I was no longer in control of my alcohol intake,as satan wants me to believe.  I was an alcoholic. I can still remember, while I lay on the bed I continuously prayed to GOD to cure me, to stay with me, not to leave me, and to protect me. I can’t remember how long it took, but after a while I began to feel better. That night I had a good nights sleep, and the next morning woke up without a hangover, headache or feeling sick.  I got up and gathered all the alcohol in the house and poured it down the drain. From that day on I have never had the craving for alcohol again or had any withdrawal symptoms. I was in my fifties at that point in time, and I used alcohol since I was eighteen years old, so I should have had withdrawal symptoms after all those years. Only GOD could have completely cured me like this. This is an example of GOD’s huge power, when you are sincere when you pray to Him. I thanked GOD for healing me, and asked Him for strength not to fall back into satan’s pit of slime and rubbish. This was the turning point in my life, and the beginning of the road with my Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

One day, not long after GOD cured me, my daughter’s friend asked if she could watch a TV program at our home. The program was about a religious gathering at Loftus Versveld in Pretoria lead by Angus Buchan. I had no problem with it, so me, my wife, my daughter and her friend watched the program, and at the end, Angus Buchan said he is going to pray and everyone there and those watching on TV that want to accept JESUS CHRIST as his Saviour should pray with him, so I sat in silence and prayed with him. It was incredible, after the prayer it was as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. At that moment I new I belonged to JESUS and I was washed clean in His Blood. From that day, I had the desire to read the Bible, to listen and watch church services on radio and TV, and to go on my knees every morning and evening and pray, and this is exactly what I did. I praised GOD whenever I got the chance, and when satan’s temptations came across my path during the day I rebuke satan in the name of JESUS CHRIST, and then asked GOD to protect me against satan.

One should realise, when you accept JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour, there is this desire to share what happened to you with others. This is where it gets difficult, you see, when you where in satan’s clutches busy with things like, drunkenness, swearing, dirty conversations, dirty jokes, belittling others, fighting, feeding the own-self, gambling, the list goes on, you surrounded yourself with people who maintain this kind of lifestyle, but now, you want to share what happened to you with these people, and you hit a brick wall. These people do not want to hear about it, because they do not want to turn away from their lifestyle. When you try to talk to them about what JESUS did for you, they will joke about it and belittle you and in a sly way pull you into conversations where you may say something you should not say, then they will with a sainly face observe, a true Christian will not do such a thing, or a true Christian will not behavein this way or a true Christian will not talk this way. You see, while you where under satan’s power, satan will leave you be, but when you accept JESUS as you Saviour , satan will try pulling you back into the pit of slime and rubbish where you was, and satan always takes the easy way, he will use the people close to you to torment you and try to bring you to a fall again (Always remember, satan’s the father of the lie, and he is a coward). Some of these people are your family or your in-laws, and satan will use them to turn your family against you, for example they will accuse you of following a religious sect or cult (because you listen to or watch certain radio or TV shows). When these people interfere in your marriage, it could lead to divorce if you and your wife’s relationship are not strong, and the result is, satan wins and those people’s own-self and ego’s are fed.

My experienced is, the longer you dedicate your life to JESUS, the attacks from satan increase and gets worse, but one must NEVER give up, because you are NEVER alone, GOD is always with you, pray to Him when you are in a difficult situation, He will carry you through this difficult time. One should always be watchful, satan constantly attacks the children of JESUS, pray to GOD continuously for protection against the attacks of satan, his devils, demons, evil spirits, impure spirits, and the people satan uses.

GOD is faithful, true to His Word and reliable, He will provide, when you are sincere when you pray to Him. (But always remember this, never pray to GOD for something like the winning Lotto numbers, the beautiful dress in the shop, ect., GOD will NOT be mocked. GOD is the creator and sustainer of the universe). I’m unemployed since 1999, now and then I did work for a short period of time, but during this time of unemployment GOD provided for me and my family every single day, and still does to this day. Me and my family own a house and a car fully paid for, I praise GOD for it, we never gone hungry, all the honour and praise to GOD for it, we all enjoy good health, I thank GOD for it, I can go on and on about all the blessings GOD bestows on us daily.

When satan continuously attack me, I only have to think about the things my Saviour JESUS CHRIST had to endure till the day He was crucified. During that time He never uttered an ugly word to any of His prosecutors. He endured everything, so all the people on the earth, accepting Him as their Saviour and sin no more, would receive everlasting life. When I think of all this, then the continuous attacks of satan is but a slight unpleasantness to endure and resist, through the grace of GOD, and then I have courage and strength to go on, I refuse to let satan take the joy from my life.

Those of us who accepted JESUS CHRIST as our Saviour and do not sin anymore, should continuously rebuke and resist satan, all his devils, demons, evil spirits, impure spirits and the people satan uses, because we know when JESUS return to earth on the clouds, He is returning to gather us to be with Him in Heaven for all eternity.


My friend, son, daughter, I really hope you have turned your back on sin, and accepted JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour. The time is running out, the return of JESUS is near, take a look around you at what is going on in the world, and then read Revelation, in the Bible, where GOD tells us what will happen in the last days.


GOD’s endless Love and Peace be with you and your loved ones.


Lichtenburg 2740
Noordwes Provinsie
Suid Afrika


Lichtenburg 2740
North West Province
South Africa